There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!

With the Truckee still being much lower than usual on the Nevada side, the crew’s fishing options have been some what limited. Not limited by available fishing grounds really, but limited with the amount of time we have to go explore these places.

Speaking for me personally, having a 1 year old at home, it was a nice option to just go hit the river for a few hours in the evening to get my mind right and get a little tight line therapy before heading back into reality.

This option of an afternoon session will come back to life when the almighty Pyramid Lake opens for the 2014/2015 trout season on October 1st, which I have been trying frantically to fill my bugger and beetle box for. Only 43 more days….only 43 more days…


But I digress, Last week Kelly, Jason and Glenn were able to do some exploring in the hills near Bridgeport, California. In these hills are several high mountain lakes that hold various species of trout.

In this area you can target rainbows, browns and brookies. But there was one species that the guys really want to get into, wanted it so bad that they pushed and scraped their truck up sketchy and washed out roads, loaded up their packs and hiked their way into a secluded small lake high in the mountains because of one thing and one thing only…Gold Fever!

photo 2

Golden trout are a trophy in themselves. Not normally growing too large, they are a beautiful trout that aren’t the easiest to come by. Normally it takes a fair amount of effort to get to where they live on top of getting them to bite what you are offering.

photo 1

The effort paid off for Glenn and his spinning rod. He landed 6 golden’s that afternoon, Kelly and Jason didn’t far as well on the fly rods even through there were a few takes, the fish came unbuttoned before hitting the net.

photo 3

There was a storm rolling in and the guys had to hit the trail earlier than they wanted to due to the potential for a flash flood and the already sketchy roads being completely washed away. But there is no doubt we’ll all be back out panning for gold again in the near future.

This coming weekend should some fishing with a side of rock and roll mixed in for good measure. So stay tuned and until next time get out and see what’s out there.


Rain ,Rain, Don’t Go Away!

The Reno/Truckee/Tahoe area FINALLY got some much needed moisture this week. We had a storm front come through and give us cloudy skies and a good amount of rain, making the greater Reno area look more like the Pacific Northwest then the high desert home we are used to.

photo (2)

The average rainfall for this time of year is about 0.18-0.25 inches in a month, this past month we averaged 1.38 inches. This is outstanding considering the month of June yielded us exactly 0.00 inches.

As we posted last time about the Truckee River Keepers and the voluntary Hoot Owl closure of the Truckee River, things still aren’t close to being back to normal, but it did help the river and it’s reservoirs with a nice boost of flows and cooler water temps for a bit.


It’s been highly publicized over the last few weeks about how the water master lowered the flows and that there were several fish rescues on both the California and Nevada sides of the Truckee. I wish I could have helped, but this pesky thing called “work” got in the way. But we tip our hats to NDOW, CDOW, the local guides, anglers and volunteers that put in many hours into helping these fish we all love. There was no question that these fish would have suffered and died if it wasn’t for the efforts of the above mentioned groups. So I give you all a huge “THANK YOU!” from the WTLGT crew.

Now, where does that leave us as anglers? This is a highly talked about issue and I think the answer has to come from the individual angler themselves. Some have chosen to keep off of the Truckee entirely until the flows return and get their fishing fix elsewhere. Others have stuck with the Hoot Owl plan and fish only the mornings and carry a thermometer and get off the water when the river reaches into the higher 60’s.

Whatever you plan is, if you are a catch and release angler, use your best judgement and please fish ethically and put the fishes well being in the fore front of your mind.

Our buddy Jan Nemec of Mimic Fly Fishing did a recent post on his page about other species and places you can fish to help control that overwhelming urge we all have to get that line tight.

Another great blog you should all read is from our buddy Crazy Uncle Larry over at Red-Legged-Devils who’s latest post is an informative piece on the current state of the drought we are in and what we can do to help.

For our group of hooligans the fishing has spread out over several places, it seems we all haven’t been fishing the same place at the same time . Myself (Dave) haven’t had many opportunities to get out due to other obligations. ┬áSo the itch is strong…I need to get out before all this work turns my brain to mush.

Kelly, the lucky bastard! took a trip to Hawaii with his bride for a week of eating awesome food and relaxing. He did manage to book a 1/2 day with a local Bonefish guide. Although they sighted a good amount of fish, the ones that came close enough to his fly must have just eaten because they swam off without even a nibble. Oh well, there could be worse places on earth to get skunked!




Jason is still getting into the new daddy routine but I believe this weekend he’ll be out the high mountains of the sierras looking for gold! (golden trout that is)

Glenn took his bride on a trip to bodega bay for their anniversary and she surprised his with a party boat charter for rock fish and salmon. The salmon are starting to push into the rivers, but he got himself a limit of nice sized quality rock cod.

photo 3


photo 2

And last but not least, Matt as I type this is floating on Spooner Lake slaying countless numbers and rainbow and small chubs. From the pictures he sent it looks like he has the place to himself.


And last, not to get anyone’s hopes up (honestly it’s just our own hopes at this point) we are working on some cool stuff right now. I don’t want to say we have them before they are in our hands, but the picture below will give you an idea of what’s coming soon.


Until next time I wish you all good fishing and strong river flows!