All In and Derby Daze!

“You got to know when to hold em’, know when to fold ‘em”. Or in my case, know when to go all in blind before looking at your cards to inevitably get knocked out of the tournament by a pair of 5’s.

That was my fate last Friday night at the Sagebrush Chapter Trout Unlimited Poker Tournament at the Peppermill. The TU guys did a great job organizing a super fun event to help raise money for the chapter. We were set up in the High Roller room of the poker area and were served continuous free drinks to help us think that any of us were actually decent poker players. Which can never hurt.


After the first hour of play they held a raffle for all types of nice Patagonia products like waders, jackets and gear bags. WTLGT angler Matt won himself a new pair of waders and I won a fly box donated by Sportsman’s Warehouse full of Pyramid Lake flies.

Not too long after the raffle Matt and I were both knocked out of the tournament, but stayed to watch the rest of the action to see Larry Heuer win the whole thing!

It really was a good time and I really hope the TU guys decide to do in again in the near future.

Following the poker tournament was the beginning of the annual Crosby’s Presidents Day Fishing Derby at our great alkaline oasis Pyramid Lake.


This derby consists of 2 whole weekends of fishing and prizes are given out for the top 20 heaviest fished weighed in at Crosby’s Lodge.

In the past the whole WTLGT crew would be out in full force fishing 12-16 hours a day for 4 days of the derby. Many factors have changed for the crew that didn’t allow all of us the put in that much lake time this year. But Glenn is still out there holding it down and trying to get placed on an already SUPER heavy board after the first weekend of the derby.


We weren’t without fishing this weekend though and got to hang with Glenn for a bit as well as hit a few other beaches last weekend. Some beaches were busier than others but in general it seemed to us that this derby had less people out hitting the shore then in years past.


Was that due to the weather? Cost increase of the derby entry fee? The always highly debated issue of transporting fish from the water line to be weighed in? Or were we just smoking crack and there were actually more entries this year???

I guess once the final signups are done this coming weekend we’ll know how many are entered and then the comparison between last year and this year can start an educational and “friendly” debate…

On a different note, with the recent rain we’ve seen here in the Reno/Tahoe area the Truckee raised significantly and has starting coming back down and should be very fish-able this coming week.

It’s bittersweet because it was a lot of moisture for the area, but it never really got cold enough to dump the many many feet of snow that we really need to get us through this coming summer.

But regardless if it’s the rive, lake or ocean get out there this weekend and enjoy some fresh air and hopefully get those lines tight!