They’re Coming In!

If you run into an old timer out at Pyramid Lake and have some time to chat it up you’ll most likely hear stories of big fish landed and lost, but also about how they’ll cruise the shorelines in the 1000’s come spring time.


Well I can’t vouch for any big fish lost story. If it didn’t come to hand then you can’t know for sure how big it was. But what I can vouch for is that this time of year the fish do stack up in the shallows and from your ladder you can watch then cruise by all day long.


Getting them to bite is sometimes a challenge during this time of year. The fish cruise the shallows in anticipation of the hatchery so they can go get their spawn on. But keeping your fly in the strike zone as long as you can helps to find the few in the crowd that like to have meal before getting busy.


In saying that, normally nymphing during this time of year is more productive than stripping beetles and bugs. But this last week has been a mixed bag really.

If you can get out to the lake soon I’d bring both your indicating and stripping rigs and switch flies fairly often until you find the color that they are keyed up on.


We had the opportunity to fish with some good dudes over this past week. If you get a chance check out their pages. Crooked Creek Holler, The Fiberglass Manifesto and Vedavoo and if your wallet ( or significant other) permits support them by picking up a shirt, pack or hell even a new fiberglass rod!


Good times fellas, we’ll have to do it again real soon.

We’ve seen glass calm water to waves you could potentially surf on so until next time layer up, bring your fly boxes and get at it!

They’re Coming In!