Unfortunately history does repeat itself.

These past couple weeks have been somewhat mirror images of what went down a year ago. Some parts good, others not so good.

This winter was pretty bleak to say the least. Similar to last years winter…and the winter before that. Again this year like last the water master has started cutting the flow out of Boca into the Truckee. Only this time it’s a few month earlier than last year.

The crew and I took a trip over the state line to California for a change of pace from the Mid and to check out some new to us water on the Truckee.


Just a week prior the flows near Farad were exceeding 500 cfs, when we hit the Truckee the day after the water master started restricting flows it was down to less than 300 cfs. Still fishable, but not the ideal flows for the month of April.


We got into a few nice fish and the scenery was pretty awesome. Here are a few photos from that trip. Not sure how much longer the river will be fishable. The water temps are still very cold, but as summer hits and the flows being low please keep water temps in mind when heading out to fish. It’s going to be a rough summer, give our fishy friends some space when it’s getting warm out there.






One fun thing that happened again this year was the Fly Fishing Film Tour came to town again thanks to Matt Heron Fly Fishing and the Reno Fly Shop.

This is always a great event and a great time. The videos this year were awesome and the prizes for the raffle were out of control!

This event to helps raise awareness about our local waters and raise money for our local Trout Unlimited chapters. If it comes through your town, make sure you take the time to check it out.

If you take a look back at a previous post we had called Mother Nature…Good Thing I Have Unlimited Texts, a year ago to the day we had a trip planned to hike in Kirman lake and fish for the monster Brook Trout. That trip last year had to get postponed due to a snow storm that hit the Bridgeport area.

Well fast forward exactly 365 days later and almost the same text messages were flying around. The area was expected to have 8 inches of fresh snow and 25 mph winds. Both variables were not good for a 3 miles hike and float tubes.

So out of the 5 of us, Glenn still made the trip to Kirman. He battled through the elements and made it to the lake, but wasn’t rewarded for his efforts. He saw a few small LCT’s get caught, but the legendary Brookies weren’t haven’t it this trip.

Our friend CJ made the trip the next day after Glenn and had the same results. Not sure what’s giving them lock jaw, but hopefully they’ll be back on the bite soon.

A few of us went out to Pyramid the evening of the postponed Kirman trip. We had been getting updates that it was going off at the lake all morning.

Of course as soon as we show up the bite turned off and we were told stories of countless fish being brought to the net. We weren’t without a few fish of our own, but it wasn’t “light’s out” like it had been earlier that day.

Kelly helped a guy net an impressive 17.5 pounder which put up a hell of a fight. Then shortly after I (Dave) finally hooked into a fish.

As soon as I set the hook he came right to the top and started trying to shake the hook. Luckily the hook stayed in and once he realized it wasn’t going anywhere he took off about 4 or 5 ladders down to the left of me.

It wasn’t long after that I got him close enough for Jason to get him into the net. He weighed in just at 10 pounds and kicked of super strong.


Overall the last few weeks have treated us well. We have a few more trips planned then the crew is off to the Florida Keys for some back country and flats fishing.

Until next time keep those lines tight and knots strong.