Float Tubing, Folk Music and Fly Fishing

Last week was full of relaxation and tight line therapy.

For me (Dave) I was able to take a little pilgrimage to San Francisco to see one of my favorite musicians, William Elliott Whitmore. He is an amazing artist and a latest release “Radium Death” needs to be in your iPod playlist, vinyl collection or both!


Heading to SF from Reno also means a lot of fly fishing on both sides on the Truckee River. Historically I normally fish the Nevada side for the obvious reason that I live in Nevada. But I really do enjoy fishing the California side when I can. Less urban and wilder feel to it for sure.


So I hit the road and fished a good handful of spots along both sides on the Truckee as well on the Little Truckee. It was a good time to clear my head and check out some new spots, but with our recent rains the river was a little muddy and I’ll absolutely blame that for reason I got my butt kicked and didn’t hook up to any fish. In reality I probably need to get my tight line game more on point, but a muddy river excuse will do for now.

So after some fishing I rolled into San Francisco and worked my way down to the Great American Music Hall to see William perform. Right up the street is one of my favorite eateries Tommy’s Joynt. So I went that way after getting my ticket from will call and had a great roast beef sandwich.

William put on a great show. He’s a solo artist with a banjo (guitar also) and a kick drum and has an incredible amount of energy and is truly grateful to the crowd that comes to see him. If you get the chance to see him live make every attempt to do so.


Once I was back in Reno I was able to get a few more hours of river therapy in with Jason and was (finally) rewarded with a nice Truckee River brown and got broke off by a monster soon after landing this guy.


This was also the first fish landed using my new custom Out Of the Riffles landing net. Such a beautiful and functional piece of art.

The rest of the crew was able to get out on Sunday for a trip to Hobart Reservoir. Hobart is a great high mountain lake in our area. It’s a bit tricky to get to which keeps it a fairly low traffic fishing spot. Float tubing is the name of the game, but people do well from shore at times.

Tiger and Rainbow trout are planted and Brookies reproduce naturally. No giants to speak of but some beautiful trout can be caught and there’s normally no lack of action.

This trip there was a decent amount of wind and the dry fly action was off the hook! (Pun intended)

Here are a few pics from that trip. With the recent rains we’ve received the Truckee is flowing well and the water temps are still cool. But I think we’ll be spending some extra time in these high mountain areas if the Truckee does what it did last summer.




In less than 2 days the crew and I are boarding a plane with our families are heading to the Florida Keys to chase tarpon, bone fish, permit, sharks, barracuda…basically we don’t care what we hook up to as long as we get those lines tight! So more to come on that adventure for sure. 

Until then get out and enjoy your local lakes and rivers.