“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ― André Gide

This has been a summer of exploration for the WTLGT crew. With Pyramid closing for trout fishing at the end on June and our beloved Truckee River in desperate need of water, our normal “go to” spots are no longer an option.

Over the last month or so we have put away the 5wt and 8wt rods and have busted out the 3wt’s and headed towards the mountains looking for small stream and still water that haven’t been as beaten up from the drought and/or over fishing.


I few weeks back Glenn took Matt and I up to a creek he used to fish about 15 years ago. As you can imagine, fishing a place 15 years prior might take some time finding again. So after several u turns and a few WTF moments we found the creek Glenn has been looking for.


I can say, this place hadn’t looked like it had been fished since Glenn was last up there. No usual signs of humanity, which sadly equates to the empty beer bottles, red bull cans and cigarette butts we have all been so accustom to seeing.

The creek bank was very overgrown with trees and brush, so finding a spot to access proved to be a little bit of a challenge. But once I did I waded into the middle of the small creek with the cold mountain water filling my old pair of Vans I found myself a nice rock to sit on and take in the beauty of this untouched little creek.


That day consisted of all 3 of us catching between 6 and a dozen feisty brook trout each. These fish were healthy and living the dream in this fresh, cool water. Our finned friends on the Truckee would be envious to say the least.

After getting our fill of brook trout and mosquito bites we took a detour and checked out a few of the lakes in the area. No fishing was done, but a few of these spots would be great camping and float tubing destinations. Maybe next summer.

The next adventure sent Kelly, Jason, Matt and Glenn to Desert Creek. This trek was about 2 hours from Reno and turned out to be well worth the trip.



I didn’t get to go on this adventure but from the sounds of it, it was similar to the other creek due to it being overgrown and whatnot, but instead of brook trout, the crew was rewarded with rainbows, browns and even tiger trout.


Last to report is the trip that Glenn and Jason took with their families out East of Reno to the Ruby Marshes.

The Rubies are known for beautiful scenery and monster trout. On this trip the scenery stayed true but the trout weren’t having it. This was somewhat expected from reports we got from friends that live in the area.

But even though the trout were tight lipped, the bass bite didn’t disappoint. Glenn got into a good handful of bass spin fishing from his canoe.


After the day of exploring and fishing they had dinner at the Star…Which I’ve never been to and is now on my lists of places I need to eat at real soon. 

We are all planning a trip back to the marshes this Fall once the weather cools off a bit and the trout bite is back on. But until then we are looking forward to our trip next week with Scott from Feisty Fish Guide Service for our annual Sac River King Salmon trip. 

So once we are back and hopefully our freezers are stocked I’ll give a report on how that trip went. 

Until then keep those lines tight and support your local fly shop!