Here we are with the first blog post of undoubtedly many more to come. First and foremost, When The Line Goes Tight is a blog that’s here to capture the moments and experiences of a group of life long friends and fishermen.

Some of us have 20+ years of fishing experience under our belts, while others have only recently started on this journey. We are not professionals and do not claim to be. We also do not stick to one type of fishing. Between the 5 of us we flick bugs, throw spoons, bounce jigs, troll lures and just about everything in between.

Through these writings and photos (videos as well) we hope to be able to share our experiences with fellow anglers and like minded outdoors men and women alike. All while trying to explain the unexplainable. That feeling of when you’re out on the water, enveloped in your surroundings and you feel that bump, that tug…when the line goes tight.


Matt Goff

photo 3 (3)


Glenn Lemon

photo 4 (1)


Kelly Dow

photo 5


Jason Glines

photo 2 (5)


David Duffy (Admin)

photo 1 (5)




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