Mother Nature…good thing I have unlimited texts.

The California opener was 4/26/14 and the crew had been looking forward to hitting Kirman Lake for some trophy Brook Trout fishing for several months. The original plan was to hike the 3 miles in with all the gear needed to camp at the lake for two nights plus our float tubes and fishing gear. Up until the day before we were scheduled to leave┬áthat was still the plan, then that old trickster Mother Nature decided to dump a decent amount of snow over the Bridgeport, Ca area. The mass group text messages went into the 100’s with trying to figure out a plan, but in the end the group decided that Kirman would have to wait a few weeks and we headed to Squaw Creek Reservoir up near Gerlach, NV instead.


Squaw Creek wasn’t without it’s weather issues though. Friday afternoon when starting to set up camp the winds were kicking up pretty good and the sky opened and decided to dump some hail on the group.


Once everyone was settled into camp the weather got better and the weekend lent itself to countless numbers of fish hooked, lost and landed. The crew caught mostly Rainbows and Brown trout, but there are some bass in the reservoir as well. The fish were keyed up on leech patterns in black and olive as well as the Sheep Creek Special all weekend long.




It was a good weekend to be outdoors in our great state of Nevada, but as our “tagline” suggests, we also like to get bent beyond Nevada as well. So stay tuned, we have a whole lot of fishing planned for the spring and summer!

Tight Lines!


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