Lakes, Streams, Rivers…Waders, Boats and Float Tubes.

Well we have a good handful of things to write about this week. For starters we’ll go back to the weekend before last.

After our awesome trip to Hobart Reservoir, Glenn took his boat out to Pyramid Lake on that Sunday for some Cutthroat action. It’s getting pretty late in the season and with the water temps rising the fish are starting to move into deeper water making it tough on the shore anglers to get a bite. This plus it’s now camping/jet ski/wake board season also hurts your changes of landing “Big Red” from shore.

Glenn was able to beat the crowds and get out to some unoccupied areas of the lake and for his efforts he was rewarded with landed roughly 40 Cutty’s for the afternoon.



The season officially ends at the end of June, so if you feel like battling the shore crowds or own a boat, you only have a few weeks to get you LCT fix on, the season opens again on October 1st.

The Monday after Matt and I had the day off that we were going to use for a guide trip Matt had won at this years F3T, but due to some unfortunate circumstances the trip had to be rescheduled for another time. So Matt and I took the opportunity to fish some new (to us) waters across the state line into California. It was a beautiful day and we got into a handful of feisty rainbows. I am hoping to spend some more time on that side of the river this summer.



This last Thursday Jason and I had the opportunity to watch the documentary DamNation. Our local Patagonia outlet here in Reno hosted the screening and provided drinks and snacks as well as showing the film free of charge. Cheers to you guys. The documentary was eye opening and very well put together. If you have the opportunity you should check it out.


Of course since the Patagonia outlet is right next to the Truckee River, myself, Jason from WTLGT and Jason from our local Trout Unlimited chapter got to hit the river for a bit prior to the screening. The flows have come back down on the T and we were able to get into some mountain white fish before the movie started and the thunder showers showed up. It was a good evening to say the least.


n2On Saturday Glenn volunteered his time to help out with the NDOW (Nevada Department of Wildlife) annual Kid’s Carp Derby at the Lahontan Reservoir. This annual derby is a good time and helps get the next generation of anglers into this sport we all know and love. Prizes are given out for largest fish caught in different age categories. I think I’m going to volunteer next year as well. There’s nothing wrong with teaching kids how to fish while hooking into a poor man’s bonefish on the fly rod!


Last but not least…well kinda least. Jason and Kelly set off on a road trip to Indian Creek Reservoir which is located near Markleeville, south of Lake Tahoe. The 160 acre lake holds some good size rainbows, browns and cutthroats but you couldn’t convince Kelly and Jason of that. After hours of trying they packed up their gear and headed to a local stream and also to another still water lake to try and get that line tight.


Unfortunately they both came back to Reno with a stripe on their back and carried with them the odor that can ward off even the biggest grizzly bear, or attract the cast of Half Baked…But as the saying goes, that’s why it’s called fishing, not catching!

This upcoming weekend should be a good one. If it works out Glenn will be heading up to Knott Creek for the opener and a few of us are staying closer to home to learn some tight line nymphing from the dynamic duo of Matt “Gilligan” Koles and Doug Ouellette.

So until next time keep those lines tight and knots strong!


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