It’s all about the little things.

Well friends, the holidays are right around the corner. There is undoubtedly extra stress packed on top of our normally crazy busy lives. For me (Dave) I’ve worked basically 18 days straight and finally had my first weekend off a few days ago. That was a long haul, but there is some light at the end on the tunnel. So my stress is trying to pack in all the holiday shopping into 10 short days.

The rest of the crew have their own stresses as well and unfortunately for us and I’m sure most of the anglers reading this, our main therapeutic stress reliever is fishing. But this time of year, getting a few hours on the water is a lot harder than it sounds.


For the hours we have been able to get out to our favorite alkaline lake it’s been slow fishing for sure. This happens every year though, the lake goes through its temperature changes and the bite slows down dramatically. There are a couple banger days thrown in, but for the most part it’s a 1-2 fish day and occasionally the dreaded skunking happens as well.

But many times when you do get a bite this time of year, it’s a good sized fish on the end of your line. There have been reports from all around Pyramid of some pigs being caught.


But I’ve said it many times before; fishing isn’t always about catching fish. It’s about being outdoors, with friends or solo. It’s about watching the sunrise or sunset. It’s the first breathe of cold crisp air after a week stuck at a desk or in front of a computer screen.

After my 18 day stretch I was able to head out to Pyramid for a few hours of the evening bite and in that 3 hours or so, everything was right again. There wasn’t a fish caught, or even a bump of my flies. But just being out there watching the sunset, enjoying Mother Nature it just solidifies my belief that life really is all about the little things.

This holiday season amongst the stress, traffic, shopping malls and financial burdens, just try to take a deep breath and relax knowing that in the end you’ll be able to spend time with friends and family and hopefully get a few hours on the water as well.


To all of you that have followed our blog, liked our photos on Instagram or have shared this site to you friends we greatly appreciate all that you do. This has been a very cool year for us. We’ve been able to share our adventures, fished in some cool places from high mountain lakes to the ocean and many places in between.

We have made some great friends along the way as well. So to all the old friends that have been around forever and to the new ones we meet almost on a weekly basis, I hope this holiday season treats you well, you get some quality time with your loved ones and you get time to enjoy the little things in life, hopefully while your line is tight!  


I read a cool little article from Gink and Gasoline yesterday that had 8 tips on how to be a better Fly Fisher written by Tom Rosenbauer, but I thought the majority of those tips could apply to fishing in general. This was #8 on the list and I think it’s a great rule to live by.

“Stop being so serious.  Never take your fishing or yourself too seriously.  You are just a tool with a silly pole playing with fish.  How stupid is that?”

Happy Holidays!


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