The Devil’s Teeth

Bucket lists are a funny thing. They consist of items you would like to do before you die. And when something is on the top of that list its usually the hardest thing to accomplish. Now not knowing when our final day will come I believe if you truly have things you’d like to do, do your damnedest to get those checked off.

Yesterday my number one bucket list item was fulfilled. Since the age of 5 I’ve been fascinated with sharks, Great Whites in particular. And in the almost 30 years between now and then I’ve fell in love with the idea of going out to the Farallon Islands 30 miles off the coast of San Francisco and try to see one of the beautiful animals in the wild. The stars have to align perfectly for something like that to happen and yesterday they did. Surrounded by my dad and all my best fishing buddy’s while slaying rock cod with the islands also known as the “Devils Teeth” as a back drop, the unmistakable dorsal fin of a 12-14 foot Great White surfaced about 50 yards in front of the boat. As we watched it surface 3 times and then disappear an amazing feeling of accomplishment mixed with rocket fuel rushed over me. A lifelong passion and love of something I had to base purely on chance just happened right before my eyes. There isn’t a place in this world or people I would have rather been with at that moment yesterday. Get out there and love something.




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