20″+ Bows, Some Tigers, and the Elusive Golden on the Fly…

A couple of highlight fishing adventures to cover in this blog.  The last few weeks have entailed some camping, hiking, and fishing adventures that the crew won’t soon forget, including some “bucket list” catches for some of the boys.

We’ll start with the Knott Creek camping/fishing adventure.  Knott Creek Reservoir has been a staple for some of the WtLGT crew over many many years.  It is undoubtedly one of our favorite fishing spots.  It’s remote, beautiful, and loaded with monster fish. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_3161

It is a lengthy drive from Reno, about 5hrs total including some fairly rough terrain towards the end…but it is more than worth it.  Almost every year at least a couple of the guys get out there on the opener or at some point during the season.  It’s loaded with large Rainbows, Cuttbows, and unfortunately dwindling Tiger trout.  In the past, this reservoir held some of the largest Tiger trout you could find, unfortunately drought put a strangle hold on them.   About 1 1/2 years ago, there was a mass die off caused by an algae bloom.  The bloom depleted the oxygen and early heat was the culprit.  Sad, but it appears after this latest outing that they are coming back strong as indicated below by some nice sized catches from Kelly and Glenn!


In addition to the elusive Tiger’s, you can land some monster rainbows of up to 30″ in some instances.  We had several well over 20″ and all looked healthy.


As you can see in the pics, this is primarily a float tube lake, shore fishing can be had, but the float tube gives you the best access and best fish numbers.  All-in-all, we spent 2 days camping/fishing at Knott and everyone had 20+ fish easily over that span.  We were also lucky enough to bump into our longtime friend and fellow angler, Jesse Bond.  Jesse is an accomplished musician and currently plays in the PJ MORTON band with Maroon 5 keyboard player PJ Morton.  Check them out if you have a chance.  It was a great 2 day trip that we hope to do over and over again, assuming we actually get water on the West Coast…

Knott Creek was just the first stop on this fish tour.  Next, we revisited an old thorn in our side…a little high mountain lake.  In a previous blog post, we tried throwing some bugs at a few golden trout here…to no avail.  Glenn had great success luring a few goldens on a spinning setup, but Jason and Kelly had no luck getting them to bite a fly.  This trip, however, went MUCH differently.  Dave, Glenn, Kelly, and Jason all made trips up to this hidden gem and all had success using dry flies.  It was the first golden trout on the fly for Jason, Kelly, and Dave and will not soon be forgotten.  For most of the WtLGT crew, we are now only a Bull trout and/or a Lake trout short of the IGFA Trout Grand Slam.  Some of us do not care much about this, but others consider it a great feat.  Here are some pics from the Golden trip, including Jason preparing his son Gage to be able to slay it when he can actually hold the rod…


With the Truckee River off-limits due to the drought, we keep trying to find new spots to get our fishing fix.  Wherever there is water, we want to be there tossing lines.  We have some more Salmon excursions upcoming, and we are planning on a stop on the American River for some fly time along the way.  We will document that of course and you should see it up here in the Aug/Sept. time frame.  We’ll also be posting up some photos and stories from Jason’s recent Alaska trip, as well as some small stream brookie fishing some of the boys partook in recently too.  With Pyramid Lake on hiatus until October, we keep searching for new waters to tell you about.  Feel free to tell us about some of your faves!  Until next time, TIGHT LINES!

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