Support Your Local Bug Dealer

A few weeks back the crew and I went to an event hosted by our own local shop The Reno Fly Shop. The event was called Caffeinated Casting and was held at a local coffee shop Hub Coffee Roasters.


Jim the owner of The Reno Fly Shop brought out all types of gear to demo. Rods, reels and different brands of fly lines were there to be played with if you were so inclined.

Personally I fell in love with an Echo 7wt paired with an AirFlo shooting head line. No joke, I’ve been thinking about that setup since the event. It will be mine soon enough.

FullSizeRender copy

So not only could you demo the gear, Jim organzied an accuracy casting competition as well as a distance competition. Prizes were given to the most accurate, longest combined 3 casts and an overall longest cast.

The WTLGT crew isn’t know for our accuracy casting as we well demonstrated on our trip to the Florida Keys earlier in the year… But we do know how to throw some bombs out at the old alkaline lake.


So we originally only signed up for the distant comp, but shortly after watching others start the accuracy casting and seeing how much fun it was, we all jumped on the list as well.

We did better than we expected. I actually tied for 3rd, which only meant I got lucky and the wind help carry the yarn on the end of my tippet to it’s home inside 1 of the 3 rings placed on the lawn.

Next up was distance and we all held our own. Even though Glenn tried to take my head off with a wild cast…but of course I was in his “casting lane”


At the end of the day there was a raffle for all who participated and I’m pretty sure everyone walked away with some pretty cool prizes.

It’s events like this that make a locally owned fly shop stand apart from the big box stores.

I was able to watch an awesome casting clinic, demo new to me rods, participate in a fun competition, see products from Streamworks and Adams Built and enjoy a morning with friends and like minded people all willing to learn a few new tricks about fly fishing…all for the insanely low price of…FREE.

FullSizeRender-2 copy

Now I’m just as guilty as the next guy for shopping at some of the big box stores around town.

Hell, a couple of weeks ago it was 7:30pm on a Saturday night. We were off to fish the Yuba and Sac River and I didn’t have my California License purchased. So I ran into the big box, grabbed my license, some floatant and a few ant patterns and was on my way.

But if I would have planned out my day better I could have got all of these things locally and kept my money helping shops that actually care about it’s local angler and not just the gross profit margin on Q2 sales.

So I’m going to try and support local whenever I can, I know it’s not always realistic and the other places have their place in the fishing world. But if I can, I’ll be seeing Jim and the dudes at the Reno Fly Shop more often and I hope you all try and do the same.



Until next time tie some flies and support your local bug dealer.




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