The adventures of cokie and gold tooth

Man has it really been 2 months since I’ve written a post on this here interwebz??? Well apparently I’ve been slacking. Nothing new for this time of year really. For yours truly (Dave) the holiday season means many hours spent at work and not nearly enough hours spent fishing.

But over the last few months the crew has been on a few adventures and have been putting our hours in at Pyramid Lake.

The Pyramid Lake opener was a banger like usual. The actual day on the opener was a really wet and rainy day. There were fish to be caught but not in the numbers and sizes we’ve seen in years past. The next day though…that was a whole different story.


From the time the sun came up until it set, fishing was lights out! We caught fish on every jig and fly imaginable. The winner again this year for flies was Jan Nemec’s “Hook Up” and the newly tied “Deep Water Hook Up”.


With the Deep Water we were able to get the fly down fast and strip vertically up thorough the tui chub bait balls.

The big cutty’s couldn’t resist them and we netted several double digit fish that day. The biggest going 15 pounds.


Since then the cold weather has pushed in and shore fishing has taken its place on the top of our list. This time of year can be a grind out there, but the chance of hooking and landing a 20 cutthroat trout is always just one cast away and that is what keeps us out there grinding away in the freezing cold temps and bone chilling winds.


Dave, Jason and Kelly took a break from Pyramid to go fish across state line with our buddy Bailie a few weeks ago.

Busting out the 5wt was certainly a change of pace compared to the heavy lines and 8wt rods we have been accustomed to as of late.


There was a recent snowfall but the trails down to the river weren’t bad. And for our short hike we were rewarded with the river all to ourselves expect for one other couple and their feisty pup who kept swinging by to say hello.

We all got into some fish and for me I caught the prettiest rainbow I’ve seen in a long time. This guy was in some fairly skinny water but took down a tiny midge and gave me a good fight.




The other adventure the crew might get into is hunting. Glenn has already been hunting, some of us are interested and other aren’t quite sure just yet. But we didn’t even have an option to try it until we got our hunters safety course out of the way.

So Jason, Kelly, Matt and myself all signed up to take the class together on a weekend in November.

I won’t go into all the details, but in the 8 hours class I heard several racist remarks and undertones, learned about hunting elk in Idaho because you can buy a tag over the counter, sweet Rambo knives with flint and fishing hooks in the handle and everything that your teacher tells you about bird hunting is 99% incorrect.

Needless to say we all left that class not feeling any more confident about hunting than when we walked in. Luckily we have tons of close friends who hunt and also guide hunting trips. We are in good hands, I feel bad for the handful of 8-10 year old kids in there having to sit through that nonsense. And yes, we have reported the teachers to NDOW.

But other than that we are looking forward to 2016 and what new adventures are out there waiting for us. I know there’s a chance of another Florida Keys trip, others in the group have Alaska and the Bahamas booked. Personally I’d like to throw some flies at Mako Sharks off the coast of San Diego.

But as we check some of these off the list i’ll report back. Until then from, the WTLGT crew have a happy new year and be safe out there.


A big thanks to our buddy Bailie Thys for taking us out on his home waters and taking some awesome pics for us!





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