Here’s to swimmin’ with bow legged women.

Back in June the boys and I made a trip down to San Diego to do a little sharkin’. I’m not talkin’ about pleasure boatin’ or daily sailin’…

Prior to the trip we did our research about the area, the fishery and who would be the best guide to take us out. It wasn’t long before all signs were pointing towards Capt. Dave Trimble and On The Fly Charters.

So we got in the books with Dave for two full days of Mako shark fishing and got all of our travel plans squared away.

The morning of the first trip came quick and we were geared up for the day ahead of us. Everet who was our guide for the day met us at the dock.


Getting to the fishing grounds was a little more bumpy than usual from what we could tell by Everet’s apologizes, but we were pretty used to gnarly rides over to the back side of Pyramid Lake so we weren’t phased much.

Once we got out Everet started the chum slick and we waited patiently for our toothy friends to make an appearance.

It wasn’t long until we had a small 2ft baby blue shark in the slick making it’s way over to the boat. We joked about wishing we had a 3wt rod to fight him on. Out of nowhere a violent splash hit the water, the blue shark was gone and we had a really fired up Mako in the slick. I believe that blue shark lost its life in that split second. RIP little blue.

I (Dave) was up to bat first. So I got my fly in front of the sharks face and he grabbed it right away. I strip set the hell out of that fly and within seconds the hook popped out…


I was so pissed at myself thinking I blew my chance; Everet quickly calmed me down saying that the shark isn’t going anywhere. It thinks with all the blood n the water he has a big meal waiting for him, so a little poke in his mouth isn’t going to scare him away.

Everet was dead on because the shark circled back and within a minute I had him back on and secure as he at first tried biting his was out of the situation, than in the blink of an eye had peeled about 100 yds of backing off of the reel and went air-born at the end of that freight train run.


Jason also got into a nice shark himself, which also gave him one hell of a fight. After putting up that fight and getting him back to the side of the boat, Jason’s shark was still all full of piss and vinegar and get us some great photo opportunities while I was trying bite our GoPro’s.


Day 2 we were out with Capt. Dave Trimble and no different than Everet, he was a great guy to fish with.

The day started off quick with Matt hooking up to a smaller Mako, but the hook slipped and caught the little guy near his gills. We quickly put a stop to the fight and released the Mako right away to avoid any harm. As Capt . Dave says, he’s a shark hugger and we are also. So we told Matt he’d still be up to bat when the next one showed up.

Well that next up to bat was several hours down the road, but to kill the time we all talked about our fishing experiences while listening to some good old fashion hip-hop. Wu-Tang in particular.

But when Capt. Dave called out “Shark in the slick!” we were all at attention. Again Matt had his name on this one and stuck, fought and landed it like a champ, really putting that Galvan Reel to work!


We were toying with the idea of a grip and grin with Matt’s shark…seriously, it seems small enough to manage. But when Capt. Dave been over the rail to see about picking this guy up and another shark was right below it!

So we quickly released Matt’s shark and I was right there throwing a fly at the one waiting.


So again I stuck, fought and went to release my shark when ANOTHER shark was waiting in the wings.

We were already going to be late getting back to the dock and we didn’t care if we missed our flight so Jason was up next and got that line tight on our 4th Mako of the day.

After over insane hour of back to back to back Mako hookups we powered back to the dock trying to possibly still catch our flight home.

Capt. Dave even went to so far to drop us off and while the engine was still running said “Get out of here and just pay me tomorrow.” How many guides would do that for there clients to hopefully help them make their flight?!

So in the end we made our flight, hooked and landed 6 Mako sharks, captured 100’s of imagine, hours of video and made some new friends along the way.

If you even find yourself in San Diego and want to go out with a top notch guide service, look no further than Capt. Dave Trimble and On The Fly Charters. I promise you will not be disappointed.

And just an unsolicited shout out to Galvan Reels. That was my first experience personally using one, and after fighting two Mako sharks with it, a Galvan we be my next reel purchased, no questions asked.


Until next time friends.

“Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain.”









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