Cast Hope

So a few weeks back I got a text from our buddy Chuck asking if I could make a last minute trip over the hill to fish for some stripers off of his boat the Ragin’ Cajun. He just recently added a jet to it and wanted a few guinea pigs to go out with him on it’s maiden voyage.

Luckily I had taken the whole week off from work to fish and get my mind right. My buddy Jordan from Basin Fly Company was also going to be able to make the trip. So we got all set to carpool down to Gold Country to meet up with Chuck and head out to the river the next morning.

The next morning I picked up Jordan and we were on the road by 9am or so and made it to Chuck’s house at 11am. We said hi to the pups and family, loaded our gear and hit the highway on our way to the river.

On the way Chuck took a call and the eavesdropping on my end made it sound like a pretty good concert was in the works…more to come on that one.

So once we hit the river we launched and were fishing within a few minutes.

This was mine and Jordan’s first time fishing for stripers on the fly and we weren’t expecting to really land anything. But man were we wrong.


Throughout the rest of the afternoon Chuck put Jordan and I on fish after fish until the sun set and we had to call it an evening.


Photo by Jordan Wilcher

I can’t tell you how addicting this trip was, ever since it’s all I’ve been thinking about and can’t wait until the next one.

But back to that concert conversation Chuck was having.

On December 10th 2016 there is a benefit concert for Cast Hope at Slims in San Francisco featuring The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band and Chuck Ragan with Rocky Votolato, Travis Hayes and the Royal Oaks.


This is a concert not to be missed and here’s a little more information about the amazing the amazing non-profit Cast Hope.

“Cast Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization looking to provide kids with the gift of the outdoors. As an organization it is our desire to bring kids and mentors together outside through the sport of fly fishing. In this day and era it seems that our lives are constantly bombarded with screens, whether tvs, computers, ipads, ipods, and gaming systems. Here at Cast Hope we want to break that pattern by immersing people into the environment. Through guided fly fishing trips, fishing clinics, fly tying events, camp outs, road trips, and conservation outings we are trying to create a healthy hobby that kids and mentors can do together. We believe if you provide a positive experience for kids where they grow deeper in their relationship with the mentor, learn how to effecitvely fly fish, receive free necessary equipment, find out that the outdoors has much more to offer than their latest gadget, and learn about how to conserve and sustain our natural resources, then they will naturally want to become outdoor enthusiasts. As an organization it is important for us to provide an environment where kids can become stewards of the outdoors and fly fishing.”

– Dave Duffy

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