A Good Week On The Water

Last week I was able to take some time off of work and focus on getting ready for X-mas, clearing my head and getting out on the water for a few days for some much needed tight line therapy.

The middle of last week warmed up just above the freezing mark and there was decent cloud cover so I took off towards the big alkaline lake.

The wind was blowing just slightly in my face and the rollers were pretty decent. It certainly felt fishy out there.

But once I was on the water the wind shut down and the bite wasn’t really there. I decided to wait it out awhile until the sun came off the water.

You always hear people say “Once the sun hits the mountain tops, they’ll push in”. And there is honestly a lot of truth to that this time of year.

So as the sun started its slow move towards the mountain tops and the winds picked up a bit I completely missed a hook set when the balanced leech I was floating below a bobber when down….


Pissed at myself for missing what could have been my only opportunity of the afternoon to land a fish I stayed focused on that bobber for about another hour with not more than a twitch.

So I switched rigs and started throwing the old trusty beetle/bugger combo and it wasn’t long before they got some interest.

I ended up landed a few fishing in that last hour of light, all came on the OG popcorn beetle from Doug O.

Man once that sun goes down it get cold quick! So I packed up the ladder chair and headed home for some family time and a warm bowl of soup.

The next morning I woke up early and met my buddy Bailie at Mountain Hardware in Truckee to pick up a few last minute essentials before we hit the river for a day of trout chasing.

Bailie has been awesome about showing me new tricks and techniques while fishing “his side” of the Big T and this trip was no exception.

Over the next few hours we hit a few different spots and each one held fish. Not all made it to the net but two stand outs did.

These 2 were beautiful wild trout, healthy and full of fight.




It was exactly the time I needed on the water to clear made head and get back into the swing of things. Big thanks to Bailie for taking me out and showing me some good winter Big T fishing! Check out Bailie’s photography page, amazing stuff!

I hope you all had a good holiday, let’s see what adventures 2017 brings! Until next time, tight lines and strong knots!



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